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Use our new online configurator tool to ‘Design your own’ locker and plexus units.

Choose from our standard range of locker sizes, select the lock you want (including our award-winning smart lock, Simplicity) and specify your finish to get the locker configurator you want for your workspace.

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    Flow laptop bag

    When you’re planning to meet the challenges of new ways of working, you need to think about how workers move their personal and work items securely from place to place without interruption.

    Our sturdy Flow laptop bags keep workers’ belongings and the company’s tech and papers safe. The Flow is light but robust and can be moved comfortably to and from any workspace, anywhere.

    Unlike a messenger bag, the Flow will sit upright on a desk without falling over. Workers can use it as a privacy barrier when using public spaces, and because it retains its shape, it will never look messy and let your brand down.

    Hotbox 1



    Everything has a place!

    Keep everything neat and tidy in the roomy storage box Hotbox 1. Use the spacious Hotbox 1 portable storage box to keep your desktop perfectly organised wherever you’re working.

    Pack all your items – notebook, tablet, pens and pads – in your Hotbox and stow them neatly away in a locker or cupboard when you’re working in a hybrid fashion or when you are working at home.

    Hotbox 1 is ideal for keeping work tools together and transporting them safely. Whether you’re dashing from a meeting to your office or clearing your dining room table, just pick it up and start working again.

    The fully recyclable Hotbox 1 comes in lots of colours, making it easy to fit in with your home décor or to add a splash of brightness to a hot desk. Or pick a new grey eco-friendly Hotbox 1 – it’s made from recycled polypropylene (PP). All our Hotbox 1s come in smart, eco-friendly packaging.

    Hotbox 2



    Desk organisers you can put your mark on!

    Looking for a nifty desk organiser you can make your own? The smart Hotbox 2 offers the best in portable storage you can personalise – and is sleek enough to fit in a locker. Whether it’s for a hybrid team working on a corporate project or an individual working from home, the Hotbox 2 is the smart choice in desktop organisers.

    Inside your Hotbox 2, you’ll find everything you need for optimal desk organisation – a large compartment for laptops or notebooks, and a front section with a whiteboard to make notes on the go. Every Hotbox 2 comes with two removable pen pots and a phone/tablet stand for digital devices. Now here’s where the personalisation comes in.

    Hotbox 2 is available in a choice of caddy colours and interchangeable fabric covers in a selection of vibrant colours. Customise it further with a picture and give it pride of place in the slide-on photo frame. You can even detach it for your desk (we’ve tried to think of everything).
    Hybrid working?

    Showcase your professionalism wherever you go by adding your corporate logo and keeping your business card handy in the in-built cardholder. Hotbox 2 is super comfy to carry with a soft-grip handle and optional shoulder strap. The new Hotbox 2 Grey Edition is made from recycled polypropylene (PP).

    Hotbox 4



    The Hotbox 4 is the most adaptable desk storage to date, taking lightweight organisation to the next level.

    With a handle that switches to a laptop riser with a twist, and a bunch of other handy organisational features, this is highly considered ergonomic design that makes working anywhere effortlessly comfortable.

    Hotbox 4 is made from Post Consumer Recycled Polypropylene, sustainably certified under the Circulen Recover scheme where post consumer plastic waste is recovered from the environment. Not only is this removing post consumer plastics from landfill and the ocean, it is also being processed through the shortest recycling loop, therefore achieving a lower carbon footprint.

    Hotbox Origin



    Think of this as your portable filing cabinet. The locking capabilities make it the perfect solution to provide extra security and reassurance for that confidential information.

    Lockable portable file storage system with dividers, personal buddy, file hanging rails and tool bar clip.

    Additional desk clamp that enables you to attach your Hotbox Origin to your desk using the tool bar clip.




    The Shuttle agile backpack is a versatile unisex backpack that’s also a pragmatic storage organizer system. So instead of digital nomads taking everything in one laptop backpack to lunch or a meeting, the Hotbox Shuttle flexes to their needs when working anywhere.

    It has a large-capacity dual storage system with a unique cavity at the foot of the bag. And, users can divide the accessible laptop compartment at the rear, freeing work tools from personal items.

    Hotbox Shuttle comes in an attractive, casual design with a recycled polyester interior and a bluesign® approved exterior fabric that proves it’s manufactured in a safe, sustainable environment.

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