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What Generation Z want from the workplace?

Baby Boomers, Millennials and Generation Z, (Gen Z) are just some of the ways to describe the different demographics of people, depending on when they were born, in todays society. With the next generation looking to enter the world of work, do we really know what makes them tick? What they expect from a workplace and an employer? Luckily, our Marketing Intern fits into the Generation Z category, and tells us her thoughts about what her era wants from the modern workplace.

“As a Generation Z looking to enter the workforce it is a daunting and exciting moment.  In the current climate, it is unclear what the job market is like, and how a career is going to pan out or develop for current Gen Z job seekers.

When looking at potential employers there are certain aspects of work-life and company culture that are important to me when looking for a job.  Most important is job security and the ability to progress within a job.  For Gen Z, safety means having stability, and opportunities to advance within a company based on merit and performance.”

Many discussions are revolving around how the workplace is developing and how technology is becoming a bigger part of the environment.  Due to Gen Z growing up in a more digital world can be assumed that they would prefer to work in a more technologically evolved workplace, with the ability to work at cafes, at home, or anywhere but in the office.   However, this is not necessarily the case, many members of Gen Z want to work in an office within teams with human interaction, a recent article has stated. They want technology to facilitate their work and connections but not bypass them according to the WorkTech Academy.

Having a diverse and agile workplace is also important.  Generation Z appear to want to work in a dynamic and flexible working environment that helps them to produce their best work.

Your Workspace have the products needed to create a collaborative, flexible and modern working environment to help Generation Z employees flourish in their career.