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Ojmar OCS Smart

The OCS Smart lock is a state-of-the-art key touchpad lock, which can also be operated via an app on a smartphone.

    Technical Specification

    The lock can be operated by the touchpad, or by downloading the Ojmar app which allows the user to lock and unlock the locker with the user´s own Smartphone, completely contact-free.

    With the OCS Smart, managers have full control of the lock and can set, change or delete features or functions via the keypad or by Bluetooth connection to the lock using a downloadable secure management App.

    The app also facilitates a full audit of every lock, supporting ongoing maintenance. Locks can be set to either free or dedicated mode to help manage casual use and long-term hire.

    Clean and safe

    The touch-free entry via a smartphone is the ultimate in hygienic locker use.

    There is also the option to add an antibacterial surface to the keypad which, having no buttons, is easy to wipe and clean.

    Access options

    • Keypad
    • Mobile app

    Technical specification

    • Authentication method – Code and Bluetooth
    • Reading distance – Up to 1m (between phone and lock)
    • Powered by 4 x AA batteries
    • Battery life up to 5 years


    • IP55 rated


    Silver, Graphite or White