Ojmar OTS Advance

The OTS Advance is an easy to use, tech alternative to mechanical locks.

Its operation using a proximity device whether it is a key, a wristband or the Wellness key is really easy to manage and operate.

    Technical Specification

    • Enhanced Security – Encrypted data
    • Extended battery life – Up to 10 years
    • Compatible with Technogym, Milion, Egym, Preva.
    • Power supply – 4 AA 1.5V batteries.
    • Battery life – Up to 10 years.
    • Low battery detection

    Enhanced automatic data transfer

    Battery status
    Lock status
    Traceability & lock use: time, user
    Possibility to generate a matrix to work out locker needs

    Enhanced maintenance

    Fw / functionality update in seconds
    Battery & lock status
    Events log

    Comunication interface – NFC

    Protection against solid and liquid bodies – IP55.

    Protection against external impact – IK7.

    Protection against internal impact – IK9.

    Display – LED red, green, orange.