Post, Pick-Up and Delivery lockers

Revolutionise the way you handle deliveries with our state-of-the-art Smart Post, Pick-up and Delivery Lockers.

Designed for commercial, residential, and office environments, these lockers offer a secure, convenient, and efficient solution for package deliveries and pick-ups.

    Technical Specification

    Post, Pick-up and Delivery locker benefits

    Enhanced Security: Keep packages safe with secure, tamper-proof lockers.

    24/7 Accessibility: Access your deliveries anytime, day or night.

    Contactless Delivery: Minimise physical contact with automated locker systems.

    Reduced Package Theft: Eliminate porch piracy with secure storage.

    Improved Efficiency: Streamline package management for property managers and tenants alike.


    Post, Pick-up and Delivery locker features

    Smart Access Control: Via the control panel or smartphone app.

    Real-Time Notifications: Receive instant alerts when packages are delivered or picked up.

    User-Friendly Interface: Easy-to-use touchscreen for quick access.

    Durable Construction: Built using robust materials for long-lasting use.

    Customisable Configurations: Various sizes and module options to fit different spaces and needs.

    Audit Trail: All interactions with the locker bank are recorded.

    Remote Management: Centralised management with the ability to manage deliver lockers across floors, buildings, and even countries. Our smart delivery lockers have no geographical boundaries.

    Data Protection: Fully GDPR compliant.


    Upgrade your delivery experience with our Smart Delivery Lockers and enjoy peace of mind with every package.



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