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Simplicity Smart Lockers

Simplicity – powered by VECOS, the pinnacle of smart locker solutions renowned across industries.

Simplicity offers a seamless blend of cutting-edge technology and intuitive design, providing a secure, flexible, and hassle free locker experience.

Say goodbye to traditional locker woes and embrace a future where access control, space optimisation, and user convenience converge effortlessly.

Online Configurator – Your lockers, your way. Design your own smart lockers in a standard range of sizes, colours and finishes.

    Technical Specification

    The future of the workplace

    Utilisation – See how often lockers are being used, to what capacity and in which locations.

    Audit – Analyse workspaces and workstation usage to empower data-driven decision making.

    Data & Analytics – Generate real-time and historical reports to support your facilities management strategy.


    Smart locker benefits

    Cost savings – Maximise space. Don’t pay for air.

    Efficient use of floorspace – Reduce storage dedicated floorspace.

    Environmental – Eco and efficient storage.


    Simplicity vs. Simplicity+

    Simplicity – access through the control panel, central system or app.

    Simplicity+ – access through the control panel, central system, app or direct at the locker door.


    Key features

    Mains powered – Ensuring consistent connectivity

    Self-service system – Empowering team members

    Centralised management – Manage global sites centrally

    Availability indicators – Traffic light LEDs

    USB charging – Tablet and mobile devices

    User notifications – Preventing kidnapping

    Data & reports – Real-time user analytics

    Persona configurable – Specific to user types/groups

    Security – GDPR compliant


    Access options

    Control panel – A central control panel allocates locker space based on user profile credentials.

    Lock – LED lights indicate locker availability, enabling users to gain access by placing an access card directly on the locker door. (Simplicity+ models only)

    Software – A central management SaaS platform, Releezme – powered by VECOS.

    Mobile app – Smartphone access that works in the same way as an access card. Users can also assign and book lockers. (IOS and Android).


    Smart locker uses

    Company gym – Eliminate the need for wristbands and traditional locker keys

    Bicycle storage – Secure bicycle storage for commuters or residential use

    Team storage – Allocate storage by team, department or management level, with clear business rules for user access

    Changing rooms – A secure and efficient locker system suitable for changing rooms and hospitality

    Post-room – Parcel management that provides safekeeping of postal deliveries and triggers notifications to recipients

    IT Kiosk – Deposit or collect devices from designated lockers within the IT kiosk

    Employees – Safe and secure storage for employee personal belongings, with full visibility around staff locker usage

    Flexible lockers – Assign temporary lockers for a period of time or just for the day. Perfect for visitors, temporary staff or hybrid workers


    The latest MFC finishes

    Below represents a sample of the key colours available, other colours are available on request. Contrast or matching edging is available, depending on the look you want to achieve. We are also able to manufacture your furniture in several antibacterial finishes. Please contact our team for any further information and samples.

    White Grey (A)        U775 ST9
    Indigo Blue (A) U599 ST9
    Light Grey (A) U112 PE
    White Mountain Larch (C) H3403 ST38
    Onyx Grey U960
    Anthracite Mountain Larch (C) H3406 ST38
    Lava Grey U 3057 VL
    Natural Halifax Oak (C) H1180 ST37
    Soft Black U899
    White K101 PE
    Black Pietra Grigia F206 ST9
    Black Gold Metal Slate F629 ST16
    Black U190
    Anthracite Metal Rock F121 ST87
    Anthracite Fineline Metallic H3190 ST19
    Silver Grey Metal Slate F628 ST16
    Grey Textile F417 ST10
    White Grey Chicago F186 ST9
    Grey Santa Fe Oak H1331 ST10
    Vintage Santa Fe Oak H1330 ST10
    Pewter Halifax Oak H3176 ST37
    Natural Carini Walnut H3710
    Metallic Titanium D853


    Download our latest Simplicity brochure.