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Use our new online configurator tool to ‘Design your own’ locker and plexus units.

Choose from our standard range of locker sizes, select the lock you want (including our award-winning smart lock, Simplicity) and specify your finish to get the locker configurator you want for your workspace.

Your Workspace

Standard Bookcases

Our bookcases come in White Pearl (K101) finish, with adjustable feet as standard.

Optional extras:
• Alternative carcass finishes p.27
• Three types of internal shelf (as shown below)
• Planters on top (for units from 740mm to 1400mm high only).

Bookcases 2000mm high
Size (mm) Code
H2000 x W800 x D400 BC200804
H2000 x W800 x D500 BC200805
H2000 x W800 x D600 BC200806
H2000 x W1000 x D400 BC201004
H2000 x W1000 x D500 BC201005
H2000 x W1000 x D600 BC201006
H2000 x W1200 x D400 BC201204
H2000 x W1200 x D500 BC201205
H2000 x W1200 x D600 BC201206


Bookcases 1800mm high
Size (mm) Code
H1800 x W800 x D400 BC180804
H1800 x W800 x D500 BC180805
H1800 x W800 x D600 BC180806
H1800 x W1000 x D400 BC181004
H1800 x W1000 x D500 BC181005
H1800 x W1000 x D600 BC181006
H1800 x W1200 x D400 BC181204
H1800 x W1200 x D500 BC181205
H1800 x W1200 x D600 BC181206


Bookcases 1600mm high
Size (mm) Code
H1600 x W800 x D400 BC160804
H1600 x W800 x D500 BC160805
H1600 x W800 x D600 BC160806
H1600 x W1000 x D400 BC161004
H1600 x W1000 x D500 BC161005
H1600 x W1000 x D600 BC161006
H1600 x W1200 x D400 BC161204
H1600 x W1200 x D500 BC161205
H1600 x W1200 x D600 BC161206


Bookcases 1400mm high
Size (mm) Code
H1400 x W800 x D400 BC140804
H1400 x W800 x D500 BC140805
H1400 x W800 x D600 BC140806
H1400 x W1000 x D400 BC141004
H1400 x W1000 x D500 BC141005
H1400 x W1000 x D600 BC141006
H1400 x W1200 x D400 BC141204
H1400 x W1200 x D500 BC141205
H1400 x W1200 x D600 BC141206


Bookcases 1200mm high
Size (mm) Code
H1200 x W800 x D400 BC120804
H1200 x W800 x D500 BC120805
H1200 x W800 x D600 BC120806
H1200 x W1000 x D400 BC121004
H1200 x W1000 x D500 BC121005
H1200 x W1000 x D600 BC121006
H1200 x W1200 x D400 BC121204
H1200 x W1200 x D500 BC121205
H1200 x W1200 x D600 BC121206


Bookcases 1100mm high
Size (mm) Code
H1100 x W800 x D400 BC110804
H1100 x W800 x D500 BC110805
H1100 x W800 x D600 BC110806
H1100 x W1000 x D400 BC111004
H1100 x W1000 x D500 BC111005
H1100 x W1000 x D600 BC111006
H1100 x W1200 x D400 BC111204
H1100 x W1200 x D500 BC111205
H1100 x W1200 x D600 BC111206


Bookcases 1000mm high
Size (mm) Code
H1000 x W800 x D400 BC100804
H1000 x W800 x D500 BC100805
H1000 x W800 x D600 BC100806
H1000 x W1000 x D400 BC101004
H1000 x W1000 x D500 BC101005
H1000 x W1000 x D600 BC101006
H1000 x W1200 x D400 BC101204
H1000 x W1200 x D500 BC101205
H1000 x W1200 x D600 BC101206


Bookcases 740mm high
Size (mm) Code
H740 x W800 x D400 BC0740804
H740 x W800 x D500 BC0740805
H740 x W800 x D600 BC0740806
H740 x W1000 x D400 BC0741004
H740 x W1000 x D500 BC0741005
H740 x W1000 x D600 BC0741006
H740 x W1200 x D400 BC0741204
H740 x W1200 x D500 BC0741205
H740 x W1200 x D600 BC0741206


    Below represents a sample of the key colours available, other colours are available on request. We are also able to manufacture your furniture in several antimicrobial finishes. Please contact our team for any further information and samples.

    White Grey (A)        U775 ST9
    Indigo Blue (A) U599 ST9
    Light Grey (A) U112 PE
    White Mountain Larch (C) H3403 ST38
    Onyx Grey U960
    Anthracite Mountain Larch (C) H3406 ST38
    Lava Grey U 3057 VL
    Natural Halifax Oak (C) H1180 ST37
    Soft Black U899
    White K101 PE
    Black Pietra Grigia F206 ST9
    Black Gold Metal Slate F629 ST16
    Black U190
    Anthracite Metal Rock F121 ST87
    Anthracite Fineline Metallic H3190 ST19
    Silver Grey Metal Slate F628 ST16
    Grey Textile F417 ST10
    White Grey Chicago F186 ST9
    Grey Santa Fe Oak H1331 ST10
    Vintage Santa Fe Oak H1330 ST10
    Pewter Halifax Oak H3176 ST37
    Natural Carini Walnut H3710
    Metallic Titanium D853


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