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NEW - Design Your Own
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Use our new online configurator tool to ‘Design your own’ locker and plexus units.

Choose from our standard range of locker sizes, select the lock you want (including our award-winning smart lock, Simplicity) and specify your finish to get the locker configurator you want for your workspace.

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    Standard Bookcases



    Our bookcases come in White Pearl (K101) finish, with adjustable feet as standard.

    Optional extras:
    • Alternative carcass finishes p.27
    • Three types of internal shelf (as shown below)
    • Planters on top (for units from 740mm to 1400mm high only).

    Bookcases 2000mm high
    Size (mm) Code
    H2000 x W800 x D400 BC200804
    H2000 x W800 x D500 BC200805
    H2000 x W800 x D600 BC200806
    H2000 x W1000 x D400 BC201004
    H2000 x W1000 x D500 BC201005
    H2000 x W1000 x D600 BC201006
    H2000 x W1200 x D400 BC201204
    H2000 x W1200 x D500 BC201205
    H2000 x W1200 x D600 BC201206


    Bookcases 1800mm high
    Size (mm) Code
    H1800 x W800 x D400 BC180804
    H1800 x W800 x D500 BC180805
    H1800 x W800 x D600 BC180806
    H1800 x W1000 x D400 BC181004
    H1800 x W1000 x D500 BC181005
    H1800 x W1000 x D600 BC181006
    H1800 x W1200 x D400 BC181204
    H1800 x W1200 x D500 BC181205
    H1800 x W1200 x D600 BC181206


    Bookcases 1600mm high
    Size (mm) Code
    H1600 x W800 x D400 BC160804
    H1600 x W800 x D500 BC160805
    H1600 x W800 x D600 BC160806
    H1600 x W1000 x D400 BC161004
    H1600 x W1000 x D500 BC161005
    H1600 x W1000 x D600 BC161006
    H1600 x W1200 x D400 BC161204
    H1600 x W1200 x D500 BC161205
    H1600 x W1200 x D600 BC161206


    Bookcases 1400mm high
    Size (mm) Code
    H1400 x W800 x D400 BC140804
    H1400 x W800 x D500 BC140805
    H1400 x W800 x D600 BC140806
    H1400 x W1000 x D400 BC141004
    H1400 x W1000 x D500 BC141005
    H1400 x W1000 x D600 BC141006
    H1400 x W1200 x D400 BC141204
    H1400 x W1200 x D500 BC141205
    H1400 x W1200 x D600 BC141206


    Bookcases 1200mm high
    Size (mm) Code
    H1200 x W800 x D400 BC120804
    H1200 x W800 x D500 BC120805
    H1200 x W800 x D600 BC120806
    H1200 x W1000 x D400 BC121004
    H1200 x W1000 x D500 BC121005
    H1200 x W1000 x D600 BC121006
    H1200 x W1200 x D400 BC121204
    H1200 x W1200 x D500 BC121205
    H1200 x W1200 x D600 BC121206


    Bookcases 1100mm high
    Size (mm) Code
    H1100 x W800 x D400 BC110804
    H1100 x W800 x D500 BC110805
    H1100 x W800 x D600 BC110806
    H1100 x W1000 x D400 BC111004
    H1100 x W1000 x D500 BC111005
    H1100 x W1000 x D600 BC111006
    H1100 x W1200 x D400 BC111204
    H1100 x W1200 x D500 BC111205
    H1100 x W1200 x D600 BC111206


    Bookcases 1000mm high
    Size (mm) Code
    H1000 x W800 x D400 BC100804
    H1000 x W800 x D500 BC100805
    H1000 x W800 x D600 BC100806
    H1000 x W1000 x D400 BC101004
    H1000 x W1000 x D500 BC101005
    H1000 x W1000 x D600 BC101006
    H1000 x W1200 x D400 BC101204
    H1000 x W1200 x D500 BC101205
    H1000 x W1200 x D600 BC101206


    Bookcases 740mm high
    Size (mm) Code
    H740 x W800 x D400 BC0740804
    H740 x W800 x D500 BC0740805
    H740 x W800 x D600 BC0740806
    H740 x W1000 x D400 BC0741004
    H740 x W1000 x D500 BC0741005
    H740 x W1000 x D600 BC0741006
    H740 x W1200 x D400 BC0741204
    H740 x W1200 x D500 BC0741205
    H740 x W1200 x D600 BC0741206

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