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It’s important that your workspace looks good, but if it doesn’t function well, you’re not going to use it. You need a smart space that makes communication and collaboration easy, where you’ll do your best work.

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Space Saving Innovations

Our team are the UK’s office storage specialists. We have decades of experience manufacturing and supplying furniture to clients globally. Contact us about our bespoke design service, or browse our standard range of products.

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Wide Range of Locking Solutions

Once you’ve chosen a storage product for your workspace, you need to find the best lock to go with it. We offer a range of locking solutions, from mechanical and push-button, to RFID and smart.

Your Needs, Your Workspace

Full Design
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Designs to Suit Every Space

Our new storage wall range makes it easier for you to order long lengths of office storage. Choose from up to 11 different carcass configurations including cupboards, drawers and bookcases. Alternatively we can create a bespoke design for your space.


For a seamless agile workplace, your people have to move quickly and easily around the space. With Hotbox, the agile workplace flows. Hotbox is the vital link in the chain, without which the agile workplace will just not operate.

Your Needs, Your Workspace

Our clients love the concepts and solutions we deliver, and don’t just take out word for it…