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NEW - Design Your Own
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Use our new online configurator tool to ‘Design your own’ locker and plexus units.

Choose from our standard range of locker sizes, select the lock you want (including our award-winning smart lock, Simplicity) and specify your finish to get the locker configurator you want for your workspace.

Your Workspace

Smart Locks

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    Digilock Aspire 6G

    Smart Locks


    Designed to function as handsomely as it fits, Aspire smart locks bring a new level of refinement everywhere they’re installed. Whether you’re designing for an office space or healthcare facility, Aspire offers you the perfect cabinet lock, locker lock, credenza lock and everything in between.

    Digilock Orbit 6G

    Smart Locks



    As simple as it is secure, Orbit provides Digilock’s industry-leading secure personal storage with a minimal, effortless and touch-free RFID smart lock interface. Suitable for shared- or assigned-use cases, you’ll have the flexibility for virtually any situation – all with a clean, “out-of-the-way” look that’s designed to let your furniture shine.


    Digilock Versa 6G

    Smart Locks


    Whatever your facility’s security requirements might be, Versa smart locks pack the features you want and functionality you need into a clean, intuitive interface. Whether you choose a keypad or touch-free RFID operation – you’ll be able to manage your entire system, credentials and users from anywhere.

    Ojmar OTS Advanced

    Smart Locks


    The Ojmar RFID locker locks will complement perfectly any access or management system implemented in a facility. It is the technological alternative to mechanical locks.

    Its operation using a proximity device whether it is a key, a wristband or the Wellness® key is really easy to manage and operate.


    Enhanced Security
    Encrypted data

    Extended battery life
    ·Up to 10 years

    Enhanced automatic data transfer
    Battery status
    Lock status
    Traceability & lock use: time, user
    Possibility to generate a matrix to work out locker needs

    Enhanced maintenance
    Fw / functionality update in seconds
    Battery & lock status
    Events log

    Ojmar OTS Basic

    Smart Locks


    The Ojmar OTS Basic lock is programmable in free mode and is a safe bet for facilities that require simple and direct locker management. Stand alone or as part of an access control system, the OTS transponder is a secure choice.

    Users can open or close lockers by simply pressing a proximity media: card, bracelet or Wellness® key against the door knob.


    High battery life
    High autonomy due to the low battery consumption.

    User friendly
    Easy to use by pressing knob.
    Easy mounting in the door.
    Unobtrusive appearance in the unit thanks to its design.

    Moisture proof

    Vandal proof using a back-stop system for the cam.

    Equipped with accessories for easy handling (master and service key).
    Programmable in free mode.

    Compatible with access controls thanks to Mifare technology.
    Compatible with leading fitness training systems: Technogym Wellness System,
    Preva Networked Fitness, Milon.

    Data transfer
    Occupied locker detection through integration with the turnstile.

    Simplicity powered by Vecos

    Smart Locks


    Simplicity connected lockers open with a building access card or by using our Vecos mobile app. Our team can help you set business rules that will support your agile working practices, and show you how to manage storage access centrally using our Vecos software.

    We also offer software for parcel pick-up. In the office these make receiving parcels simpler and less distracting for staff. Help your staff balance being at work, and still being able to receive deliveries from online providers.

    Simplicity storage solutions can be made in different sizes, finishes and with a range of accessories.

    For more information visit our Simplicity website.

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