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The Benefits of Retrofitting Your Existing University Lockers

An image of a digilock Retrofit for university lockers.

University lockers are a necessity in halls of residence, and communal areas on campuses. They provide a safe and secure place for students and staff to store their personal belongings and valuable items. This way, they can attend lectures and walk around each building unencumbered by bags, coats and learning materials. However, over time, locks can become outdated, broken and difficult to use. The cost of replacing the whole locker bank can be high. We all know that budgets within education, especially during today’s current economic crisis, can be stretched. Therefore, retrofitting locks on to existing locker banks is a cost-effective way to modernise current storage facilities without the price tag. Retrofitting is also one of the most sustainable ways to extend the shelf-life of your locker units too.

Before we look at the benefits of retrofitting your existing university lockers, first let us explain what we mean by the term ‘retrofit’.

What does it mean to retrofit a locker?

Retrofitting is effectively the art of adding something that was not there when the item was originally manufactured. So, when it comes to retrofitting a locker with a new lock, it means to simply replace the existing lock with a new one, whilst keeping the original locker carcass and design.

A retrofit lock is a type of lock that is ergonomically designed to fit your current cam lock frame. This eliminates the need to replace or reconstruct the lock hole size. 

Now that we’ve explained what it means to retrofit a locker, let’s look at the benefits that come with retrofitting.

The benefits of retrofitting existing storage

Reduce, re-use and up-cycle

Retrofitting locks onto lockers is a sustainable solution that has been gaining popularity in recent years. It is one of the key benefits of retrofitting existing locker facilities. This method allows for a longer lifespan of the lockers, reducing the need for new replacements, and ultimately reducing waste which minimises the environmental impact of replacing every locker bank.

Another main benefit of retrofitting locks onto lockers is the reduction in waste. Instead of replacing the entire locker, as aforementioned, retrofitting allows for the preservation of the existing lockers. This means that the metal, plastic, and other materials used in the production of the locker do not end up in landfills. Additionally, retrofitting means that there is no need to extract new materials to manufacture new lockers. This contributes to the conservation of natural resources.

We are all very ‘energy aware’ these days and try to play our part when it comes to reducing the impact our daily activities have on the planet, be it in our professional or personal lives. Another aspect of retrofitting locks onto lockers is energy conservation. The manufacturing process of new lockers requires a considerable amount of energy; from the extraction and processing of raw materials to the production, transportation, and installation of the lockers. By retrofitting locks, universities can eliminate the need to use energy in the production process making new lockers. This helps to reduce the overall carbon footprint of the university.

Cost effective

In addition to sustainability, retrofitting locks on to university lockers can also provide cost savings for universities. Replacing lockers entirely can be expensive, but retrofitting locks can be done at a fraction of the cost. This means that universities can continue to provide secure and flexible storage for their users without squeezing the budget.

How does retrofitting work?

It’s a lot simpler than you might think, and in just a few easy steps, you can upgrade your existing locker facilities for students, teachers and your wider university community.

  1. Simply choose the new lock you would like to replace. We recommend using the Digilock Versa RFID or the Digilock Sola RFID, two market leading RFID locks that have been designed with retrofitting in mind.
  2. Our installation team will come to your universities and remove your existing locks.
  3. We will then install your new locks within each locker door.
  4. Our team can provide you with training on how to use your new locks. Demonstrations can also be found on our YouTube channel here.

Why Digilock RFID?

Digilock is one of the leading providers of electronic locks for lockers, and their RFID locks are particularly popular for retrofitting installations. RFID locks are designed to be user-friendly and easy to operate, which can be particularly important in communal areas where users may be unfamiliar with the lockers. The locks can be opened with a swipe card or wristband, making them accessible to a wide range of users.

Digilock RFID locks also have a range of security features that can benefit universities. They can be programmed to allow access for a set period of time, which can help to prevent unauthorised access and reduce the risk of theft. The locks can also be linked to a central management system, allowing universities to monitor locker usage and identify any issues.

Find out more about this lock range here.

In conclusion

In conclusion, retrofitting locks on to existing lockers can provide a range of benefits for universities and their users. The preservation of existing lockers means that materials are conserved, reducing waste and energy consumption. Additionally, retrofitting locks is a cost-effective solution that saves universities money that can be allocated elsewhere. As education and other public sector organisations continue to prioritise sustainability and look at cost effective ways to improve student facilities, retrofitting locks onto lockers is a commercially viable option and a step in the right direction to protecting the planet.

Ready to upgrade your university lockers the sustainable and cost-effective way?

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