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Corporate Workplaces: The ‘Newer Normal’

For the past decade, Leesman has been measuring how corporate workplaces around the globe support the employees that inhabit them. Though conventional working environments have changed due to COVID-19, Leesman feel that employers should still be able to gain comprehensive insights into how their employee’s home environments are supporting them.

Since April this year, they have broadened their line of enquiry to offer organisations absolute clarity when it comes to understanding the impact working from home has had on employee experience.

Leesman present monthly webinars which Your Workspace take great pleasure in attending. Their latest webinar on ‘The impact of the employee experience on performance’ saw in excess of 145,000 participants take part in the data research survey from over 1100 global companies across 88 countries.

This webinar was split into two parts in terms of data research. The first part of the webinar focuses on current circumstances. This is followed by how the employee experience is being impacted for those still working from home. The second part of the webinar focuses on re-entry to the office, who wants to come back and the factors that may influence this.

Part 1 – The Present 

The highest impact scores influencing the employee experience on performance are as follows:

With the lowest impact scores influencing the employee experience on performance being:

An employee’s homeworking experience is still being affected by the environment in which they work from. Employees who work from a dedicated room or office are reported as being the happiest. Those having to work from a non-specific location, such as a sofa, being the most dis-content.

Part 2 – The Future 

Employees have also stated that they would like to work from home at least 1 day per week; 43% of employees in corporate workplaces, who have the highest Lmi – 79.3, in fact. Whereas less than 5% of employees across each Lmi rank stated they would like to always work from home.

The findings clearly show that going forward, employees would like to work flexibly in an agile working environment. Having the opportunity to work both from home and in the office benefits all.

Some people have found that their productivity levels have decreased the longer they work from home. Others have stated that they will find it difficult to return to an office environment that no longer meets their needs. This begs the question, do employers need to re-design their workspaces to create and exciting and innovative environment to encourage their workforce back to the office in some capacity? The answer seems to be yes!

The workplace has a pivotal role to play in the future, especially when it comes to employee well-being and productivity. Re-entry to the office is no mean feat. It needs to be considered to ensure that employees are returning to a safe and happy working environment.

The things that employees ranked as being important, in terms of a workplace they would like to return to, include:

  • Having a collaborative and communal working area, such as an atrium, to allow creative thinking
  • The option to work from different workspaces, not fixed open plan offices with assigned desks
  • The choice of working in breakout zones and informal work areas
  • Taking regular breaks to improve concentration and productivity
  • The ability to work flexibly to improve work/life balance
  • The opportunity to hold informal and unplanned meetings to help with idea sharing and communication with colleagues

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It is apparent that the old way of working in corporate workspaces is practically a thing of the past. It is important for organisations to fine tune their workplace to cater to the needs and objectives of their employees in a post COVID-19 world, one that embraces new agile working practises.

Your Workspace are matter experts in helping businesses to transition to an agile way of working, through our innovative office furniture and smart storage solutions. Contact us to speak with a member of our team to find out how we an help you.