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The Difference Between Agile Working and Activity Based Working

An image of employees talking in a relaxed working environment to show agile working.

Working practises are rapidly changing in light of the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Flexibility (agile working) in the workplace is in demand more than ever before. It is suggested that employees who organise their work responsibilities around their own lives are more productive and are happier. This has a positive effect on both the employer and organisation.

Working flexibly comes in many forms for both the employer and the employee.

‘Activity Based Working’, sometimes referred to as ABW, and ‘Agile Working’, are amongst the most popular concepts being adopted by employers. There are however distinct differences between the two.

What is Agile Working?

Essentially, it allows employees to work how they see fit. Many believe that by creating freedom in the workplace, productivity increases. Agile workers are able to choose from working in the office, from home, or remotely from any location. Flexible working hours are a given, as well as optimising office space usage to best encourage creativity and collaboration. Some refer to agile working as being under the umbrella of ‘smart working’, which incorporates technology into daily business life – with our Simplicity smart lockers for example.

What is Activity Based Working?

Activity based working is not just about creating flexibility for workers. It also allows employees to decide how, when and where they work. ABW differs from agile working in that it is more engrained in the culture and ethos of the company. Agile work focuses mainly on how employees manage their own workloads. ABW is predominately based around team collaboration, as well as having a stronger focus on changing workplace culture and design. Activity based workers are encouraged to discover the ways in which they work best, while maintaining team connections – the idea is for individuals to work in areas, experimenting with different methods of working, rather than having a specifically assigned workspace that they ‘own’, such as a desk for example. To be a successful working strategy, ABW requires a large amount of trust to be put into the workforce.

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