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The Impact of Homeworking on the Employee Experience – Part 3

An image of an employee homeworking with a laptop.

The Leesman Index held another webinar on ‘The impact of homeworking on the employee experience’ last week which Your Workspace attended. The third and final instalment from Leesman, saw 125,000 participants take part in the data research project. Over 800 global companies across 83 countries completed the survey, making it their largest survey around homeworking, as a result of COVID-19, to date.

Is Homeworking Working?

According to the latest survey, 82.2% of those surveyed stated they could work productively whilst working from home, which is up 19.8% on the survey conducted in July. This in part may be to do with children returning to school. It may also be largely down to the fact that 89.6% of people said they felt they had all of the software and programs needed to allow them to be productive at home.  The downside to working from home, however, is that nearly 30% of individuals felt that they were unable to be as physically active the research shows.

It’s All About the Individual

Overall, 57% of people have said they’ve had a great homeworking experience whereas 55% of people surveyed stated that they have a great office experience. 37% of people said that they have had positive experiences with both. Those that were surveyed and who were not having either a great homeworking or office-based experience said that this was due to improvements needing to be made in either their home, office, or both.

Home or Away

The Leesman review survey asked people how they felt about returning to the office after working from home for such a long period of time. 23% of people said that they would be happy to work from home full time, 30% of people said they would be happy to work from home three days per week, whilst only 3% of individuals said that would be happy to work from the office five days a week.

The large majority of people surveyed that said they would like to work from home two days a week also stated that they would prefer to work from home on a Monday and a Friday and work from the office Tuesday through to Thursday.

The invaluable data collected helps businesses make important decisions about their workspaces and employees during these unprecedented times.

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