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Use our new online configurator tool to ‘Design your own’ locker and plexus units.

Choose from our standard range of locker sizes, select the lock you want (including our award-winning smart lock, Simplicity) and specify your finish to get the locker configurator you want for your workspace.

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The Need for Flexible Working in a Post-Pandemic World

The Need for Flexible Working in a Post-Pandemic World

This week, we discuss flexible working. It has been deliberated that there may not be a need for employees to return to the office once we have finally cast off the shackles the COVID-19 pandemic has placed upon the world. Yet, the case for the physical office has been made. After months of surveying and talking to employees and businesses alike, the verdict is in. The office is still very much needed for employee well-being, productivity, and business continuity.

The world’s workforce will eventually emerge from lock-down hibernation. Yet with global uncertainty and unpredictable change, companies are turning to flexible workplace solutions. This includes adopting new working practises, and incorporating modular, smart furniture into their working environment. Without sounding too dramatic, businesses are trying to survive and navigate these turbulent waters. Flexibility is most certainly at the heart of making it through.

Flexible Working Practises

Under social distancing guidelines, offices may no longer be able to or even want to welcome the same number of employees into the office straight away. For a period of time, businesses might find themselves with just 50% of their previous office capacity and even less depending on the type of sector they operate within.

As a result of the pandemic, organisations of all sizes have gravitated towards new ways of working, adopting the more popular agile and hybrid working models.

These working styles offer employees the ultimate ‘flexible’ working package. It is not just about working remotely or from home a few days a week, commuting to the office the remainder of the time; this way of working allows employees flexibility in a range of environments. From collaborative spaces, individual workstations, in pods, and even dare we say it, at a traditional style desk, agile and hybrid working allows employees to work where they feel most comfortable and productive.

A Responsive Solution

This being said, a desk and chair setting no longer needs to be rigid and boring. Check out our new range of Sit Stand desk that provides employees and employers with ultimate flexibility to make the workspace their own, even if it is shared.

Younger generations will be itching to get back into the office; a notion that has been proven as a result of data analysed from the ongoing surveys Leesman conduct on employee experience. This is especially applicable to those who have spent the past few months working from their bedrooms, sharing a WiFi connection with four other flatmates.

But not only is there a greater need to work more flexibly, responsive businesses who recognise the value of agile and hybrid working will be adapting their workplaces also. The need for modular and diverse office furniture is just as important.

Modular Furniture and Facilities

Flexible and adaptable furniture allows you to grow and change your space depending on your evolving company needs.

It is clear that a static and ridged workplace no longer serves a purpose. In these ever-changing times, it is important for businesses to consistently adapt to their changing needs and quickly. This may mean re-arranging workspaces and the office environment at short notice. However, they must ensure it’s a practical and inviting place to work in.

At Your Workspace, our innovative products can help you to create a unique working environment, one that is flexible and caters to your post-pandemic company needs:


Plexus is a modular zone-dividing storage system for your office or workplace. Far from basic, this versatile storage solution still offers plenty of opportunities for customisation.

Sit Stand

Sit Stand frame makes it easy for the modern employee to adjust their work environment to suit their needs. The electronic height adjustable frame and non-restrictive base allows the user to create a dynamic workspace. This utilises the latest technology.

Simplicity Smart Lockers

When traditional locker units meet the latest technology, a Simplicity smart locker is born. Reporting capabilities and bespoke designs that are modular, diverse and a top notch solution.

Our smart lockers provide businesses with a practical storage solution. The integrated software offers a whole host of benefits to users and management teams alike. From real-time reporting capabilities, to setting business rules on locker allocation and length of use, Simplicity smart lockers will help you transform your agile working environment.

Finding the right fit for your business

When it comes to office space, there’s no one size fits all. For some businesses, traditional office spaces and furniture might be a better fit right now. We can help you with that too.  You can let your imagination run wild with layout and design with our innovative and flexible products. Speak to dedicated member of our team today and we will be happy to help!