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Use our new online configurator tool to ‘Design your own’ locker and plexus units.

Choose from our standard range of locker sizes, select the lock you want (including our award-winning smart lock, Simplicity) and specify your finish to get the locker configurator you want for your workspace.

Your Workspace

Why is ‘moveable’ furniture trending?

An image of moveable furniture and a flexible workspace.

In a few words, moveable furniture is trending because of flexibility!

It can be difficult to keep up with unpredictable new ways of working as we have seen more recently as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses are constantly moving, relocating, and changing their working practises to meet the changing demands of the economy and business, and also to keep up to date with the latest government guidelines.  We have learnt over these past 18 months that not only do job roles and working practises need to be flexible, but the offices and workspaces we work within also needs to be flexible too.

The Hybrid Model

More and more companies are turning to an agile or hybrid working model which offers employees the ultimate flexible working option. So why not go one step further and make each element of your workspace re-configurable and ‘moveable’ too? Should the need arise, you can re-design your workplace or re-locate with ease.

When it comes to furniture and office designs, it is important to have the freedom to move things around and not be restricted to a single layout. The easiest way to get this type of flexibility is with furniture and facilities that sit on wheels – moveable furniture!

A system of office workstations often makes up the greater part of an office design, and the design of the workstations is extremely important to the productivity of employees and success of the business. Workstations in the office need to be made with flexibility in mind to accommodate changes as the business grows and the mix of employees alters.

This design strategy is popular in the case of modern and contemporary furniture pieces. These usually manage to balance looks and functionality and pay more attention to versatility, flexibility and modularity than other styles.

Configuration of Workstations

The configuration of office workstations also needs to be flexible to accommodate growth of the business. When designing a workstation plan, it is a good idea to plan spaces for possible future employees so that any transitions are seamless. Additionally, an office workstation plan should also be able to adapt to unplanned changes in your business.

Moveable quick reconfiguration of office spaces without the high cost of moving traditional workstations. Whether you need to decrease office density, add partitions, or modify meeting spaces, your office can grow and change easily. Flexible workspaces have a range of other benefits too, including increases in employee comfort, well-being, and productivity, which ultimately results in better business.

Whether you’re moving to a new space or redesigning your current one, transitioning to a more flexible design will yield benefits at any scale.

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If you’re looking for moveable furniture and innovative, collaborative workspaces for your office, Your Workspace offers a wide range of high quality, customizable and re-configurable furniture designs to suit your company’s evolving needs.

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