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Use our new online configurator tool to ‘Design your own’ locker and plexus units.

Choose from our standard range of locker sizes, select the lock you want (including our award-winning smart lock, Simplicity) and specify your finish to get the locker configurator you want for your workspace.

Your Workspace


The client.

Deloitte, a globally renowned professional services network, embarked on a transformative journey to create an innovative and dynamic workspace at their new headquarters in London, 1 New Street Square (1NSS).

With a vision to foster collaboration, enhance employee well-being, and accommodate evolving work styles, Deloitte partnered with leading design and technology firms to bring their vision to life.

The project.

Guided by five key principles – uniqueness, connectivity, simplicity, relevance, and inspiration – the design of 1NSS aimed to provide a space that not only met the diverse needs of Deloitte’s 5,500 employees but also welcomed clients with warmth and sophistication.

The project entailed meticulous planning to incorporate 2,000 core and 1,500 flexible working positions, various collaboration zones, dining facilities, wellness spaces, and sustainable design elements.

Embracing the concept of agile working, the new workspace shifted away from traditional fixed desks to shared spaces, promoting collaboration and flexibility.

Leveraging Internet of Things (IOT) technologies, 1NSS became an intelligent building, enhancing efficiency and well-being throughout the office environment.

The results.

The transformation of Deloitte’s workspace at 1NSS has revolutionised the way they work, fostering a more flexible, connected, and inspiring environment.

By embracing a mindset of shared space and agility, Deloitte’s new headquarters reflects their commitment to innovation, employee well-being, and sustainability.

The project at 1NSS stands as a testament to Deloitte’s dedication to providing a dynamic and future-ready workspace that aligns with their evolving business needs and supports their employees’ well-being and productivity.

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