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NEW - Design Your Own
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Use our new online configurator tool to ‘Design your own’ locker and plexus units.

Choose from our standard range of locker sizes, select the lock you want (including our award-winning smart lock, Simplicity) and specify your finish to get the locker configurator you want for your workspace.

Your Workspace

Agile, Hybrid and Activity-Based Working: What’s the Difference?

An image of a man a desk at a company that is implementing activity-based working.

Agile, hybrid and activity-based working are terms that until recently, many offices hadn’t even thought of implementing. However, the on-going pandemic has forced many companies to adopt to these new way of working.

The Working World Has Changed As We Know It

2020/21 will not only be remembered for COVID-19, it will also be remembered as the time when the working world as we once knew it completely changed! Business leaders globally have risen to the occasion, acting quickly to safeguard employees and clients. Most businesses are now back to work in some form or another. However, leadership teams are having to drastically adapt their management styles.

Your Workspace has released our latest whitepaper. This explores the different working styles that have been implemented over the past 18 months. This includes agile, hybrid and activity-based working. The whitepaper explains the differences between each one and the ways in which you can transition to a better way of working through workplace design.

Want To Know More About Hybrid or Activity-Based Working?

If you’d like to find out more, download our today Whitepaper today.