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Sit Stand Desks: Meeting Your Agile Workplace Needs

Sit Stand Desks: Meeting Your Agile Workplace Needs

As a result of the on-going pandemic, many companies are adopting agile working practices. It is a natural progression for businesses to re-design their workplaces with furniture, sit stand desks and other facilities to match.

What is Agile Working?

Agile working involves the conscious break down of traditional limitations. This involves dedicated desks, static technology, and fixed office design in favour of more innovative approaches to workspaces and working practises. Agile working calls for more freedom around how, when and where we work and the facilitation of different work modes, such as collaboration. It also considers the integration of smart technologies and versatile furniture into the workplace.

Why Sit Stand?

A flexible approach to working is key in today’s world. Many employees choosing to work remotely and coming into the office to just ‘touch base’. This means that fixed working stations are being replaced by collaborative and adjustable working ‘zones’. Not only is this more cost effective in terms of space utilisation, but it also provides employees with the versatility they need to be productive and work how best suits their individual needs. This is where Sit Stand desks can help.

Our height-adjustable frames allow workstations to be quickly and easily adjusted to suit the needs of each individual. From a shared meeting table to a Sit Stand desk, these products are the perfect addition to any modern workplace adopting agile working practises. The desks are manufactured using high quality materials and are produced in different colour framework finishes. This includes white, black, silver and graphite, to fit seamlessly in with your existing décor.

The benefits of Sit Stand

Switching between a sitting and standing position whilst at work is believed to offer a whole host of benefits to employees that traditional static desks cannot:

  • Improves well-being

Standing increases blood flow and circulation, which improves your mood and reduces stress levels.

  • Enhances energy levels

Standing increases oxygen levels in the body and brain, which can help fight mental fatigue.

  • Increases productivity

It has been proven that standing at work improves concentration and alertness, meaning employees will be more productive at work.

  • Promotes overall health

You can burn more calories, lower blood sugar levels, and improve overall heart health when standing 3 hours a day or more.

  • Encourages good posture

According to health experts, standing can reduce neck, back, shoulder and leg pain by 54%.

  • Inspires collaboration

Inspire more collaborative ways of working with a Sit Stand desk. Standing removes boundaries, which in turn encourages communication and teamwork.

More than just a desk

To accompany the height-adjustable frames, there is also a range of hand controllers with a variety of functions, as well as other accessories to choose from. We also have a range of accessories that give the frames added functionality. This includes hand controllers that can be programmed with personalised settings.

Our Sit Stand range

Our range of height adjustable Sit Stand desks include the following:

Forte – Our Forte Sit Stand frame makes it easy for the modern employee to adjust their work environment to suit their needs. The electronic height adjustable frame and non-restrictive base allows the user to create a dynamic workspace which utilises the latest technology.

Forte 3 Leg – The Forte 3 Leg Sit Stand range combines increased desk space with ultimate flexibility. The robust and ergonomic design, that uses the latest in height adjustment technology, can easily be adjusted to provide the optimum space to work in.

Duet – Our Duet comes complete with two electronic motors for two workspaces. This provides users with an agile working station with added flexibility. The stable design and multi-use height adjustment control system makes a great addition to any agile and hybrid style office.

Quatro – Quatro is the ultimate height adjustable conference table that offers total versatility in a collaborative space. We can create your Tetra Sit Stand desk in a range of dimensions. The elegant legs and a contemporary design combined with the latest technology will take your meeting facilities to the next level.

Bespoke – We understand that each workplace is different, as are the people that work within them. That is why we offer a complete bespoke Sit Stand design service. This can be tailored to meet your workplace requirements. This will provide your employees with revolutionary flexibility.

Our expert team of designers and manufacturers will ensure we get every aspect of your design right to your exact specification, down to the finest detail.

Get in Touch

Whether you would like to create a unique desk design, create an individual mobile workstation on wheels, or a larger conference style table for events and meetings, we can help bring flexibility to every aspect of your working environment to cater to all of your business and employee needs.

Keen to introduce flexible and innovative workplace furniture into your agile working environment? Download our latest Sit Stand brochure for more information about our Sit Stand products. You can also contact our team to get a quote.